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 More than just a CART


Who We Are

OMNIKART was developed by Singapore-based company Omni-Health Pte Ltd to replace Omnicell's Savvy cart that was discontinued.


Omni-Health is a leading provider of pharmacy Automation Solutions and Services for healthcare institutions in the ASEAN market. We provide consultation, integration and implementation services of various automation technologies for numerous institutions in the healthcare sector. With our experience and expertise in deploying hospital-wide systems, we aim to assist more healthcare institutions in managing the planning, implementation, and maintenance phases of automating the various areas of their inpatient and outpatient operations. 

At Omni-Health, we know that speed, safety, and convenience are critical elements to achieve overall satisfaction in nurses and patients alike. The range of features installed in OMNIKART are intended specifically to ensure that these elements are prioritised and properly catered to. 

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Safer, Faster, and More Secure

OMNIKART seamlessly integrates the Omnicell* Automatic Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) with your hospital's information system to enable a closed-loop process for tracking medication accountability.


This ensures that medication administration in your hospital proceeds securely. OMNIKART also provides secure transport of medication from the ADC to the point-of-care, thereby allowing your nursing staff to attend to patients quickly and efficiently.


The OMNIKART can also function as a workstation that nurses can use for other clinical applications, allowing them to be more efficient in commencing other nursing duties.

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Optimal Patient Care and
Nursing Efficiency

OMNIKART is designed to accommodate the heavy workload often burdened by a single nurse. Its patient-assigned locking drawers can carry all the medications that require distribution in a med pass. Now your nurses need not make multiple trips to the ADC in one med pass. 

The 'My Patient' feature of the Omnicell Anywhere RN* allows each nurse to order medications for all patients in his med pass prior to approaching the ADC for collection. This saves him significant time otherwise spent at the ADC ordering medications for each patient separately.