About Omnikart

OMNIKART is a wireless, mobile medication workstation designed to aid nurses in their daily routines. It streamlines the process of administering medication and guarantees secure transport of these medications from the point-of-collection to patients' bedsides. Its ergonomic design and integrated workflow solutions increase nursing efficiency and lessen the unnecessary rigour associated with providing patients with adequate medical attention. 

We have a variety of cart models that cater to the different needs of medical institutions and organisations. These models vary by taking into account your financial, technological and medication requirements. 

Specially Designed for the Omnicell* ADC

OMNIKART is a mobile medication workstation designed to suit the daily routine of nurses in hospitals. It streamlines the medication administration process and provides safe and secure transportation of medications from the medication cabinet to the patient’s bedside. OMNIKART's fully integrated solution features Omnicell’s Anywhere RN* software built into a wireless, medical-grade mobile workstation. The OMNIKART allows nurses to request, retrieve and deliver all of their patients’ medication with a single trip to the medication cabinet.


OMNIKART combines the benefits of medication storage with the added security and efficiency that come with mobile computing. This allows nurses access to patient information in real-time, as well as the ability to document each patient interaction at the point of care.

Smart Drawers

  • Each drawer can be labelled with a patient's name or other identification measures using the software within OMNIKART 

  • Guided lights on each drawer attract the attention of the nurse upon scanning the patient's medical band, ensuring safety and convenience 

  • Both visual and audio alerts remind nurses to close drawers upon medication administration 

  • Manual unlocking available for emergency power outage

smart drawer.png

Superior Ergonomic Design

  • Compact design allows for easy mobility 

  • Keyboard lighting helps nurses when working in dimly lit environments without inconveniencing patients 

  • Electronic height adjustment makes the OMNIKART a pleasure for all to work with 

  • Tilt/swivel functions on the monitor mount and keyboard tray allow nurses to work with the OMNIKART in any way that they see fit 

  • Mouse pads available on both left and right-hand side of the keyboard tray to accommodate all nursing staff 


Hot Swappable Batteries

  • Provide a combined 12 hours of continuous run time 

  • Easy-to-read battery status icon on screen indicates the amount of run time remaining 

  • Used batteries can be swapped with charged ones so that the OMNIKART never has to be plugged into a power source


Other Supporting Features

Requests for replacement of parts or components will be met upon the next working day 

  • Simple and clean design supports optimal infection control 

  • Range of accessory options available to choose from upon installation 

  • 24/7 on-site service and support 

clean keyboard.png